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Story Helps. Culture Wins.

In a world of 7 billion people, the great challenge of today isn’t just innovation — it’s scale. The world is full of great ideas, but making them big enough to matter boils down to understanding your organization’s behavior, core story, and how it emotes, and then figuring out smarter strategies to connect in a crowded marketplace. This takes some discipline, and an outside set of eyes. That’s us.

We take a special-teams approach to our work—hand-picking the right creative and strategic partners for your effort, or even embedding within your existing leadership or project team on a case-by-case basis. This brings a fresh and collaborative point-of-view to your creative output, and allows us to focus on results, affordable pricing, and flexibly scaling our work (up or down) in ways appropriate to your budget, process and goals.


Start With Why

At Curate, we specialize in explaining the “why” behind what you do and then showing it (vs. just telling it) in ways that break through in a noisy marketplace of ideas. If your customers and supporters don't understand what you stand for, what drives you, and the context in which your work exists, you’re less likely to connect with them, and they’re less likely to engage with you.

“ gets organizations from where they are to where they need to be. They get to know board and staff through observation, collaboration, focused interviews and review of data. This enables them to partner and generate strategies that advance the organization culturally, operationally, and strategically.”
—Katrina Hoffman, CEO, Prince William Sound Science Center

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Generally, we begin with a facilitated workshop approach that’s derived from today’s best-known organizational behavior research. The workshop covers large parts of the brand- and story-development cycle; it’s a bottom-up process that creates cohesion around internal values and messages that translate externally.

Too often, organizations pour money into traditional marketing efforts that don’t resonate. They spend too much time trying to describe what they do vs. digging in and getting honest about what they stand for, which is the game-changer. People can Google what you do in an information-rich world, but letting them know what you stand for is what sets you apart.